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ADCE – The Creative Incubator

After the success of last year, the ADCE in partnership with Pi School is organising a new round of the innovative program:

The Creative Incubator

This year, the program and workshops will be focused on:

How to use creativity and design to apply solutions to real-world problems, and transforming ideas into high impact and purposeful actions. 

The program will have the same format of last year, consisting in 3 workshops / seminars, led by Jamshid Alamuti and recognised mentors with a final conclusion / white paper to be presented in Barcelona, at the ADCE Festival 2019.

The 1st module will take place at Pi School (Rome) on 28-30th March.

Please find attached the pdf with detailed information together with a general image you can use to promote the program among your members and contacts.

Confirmed trainers & mentors for this 1st module of the Creative Incubator are:

  • Jamshid Alamuti / CEO & Co-founder, Pi School
  • Conn Bertish / Founder, Cancer Dojo
  • Rey Andrade / Creative Director, 72andSunny
  • Axel Quack / Strategy Director, Frog Design

Special price for ADCE members:

- We are offering 30 individual grants that cover a 80% of the registration fee. And an additional 10% discount if they are ADCE members. That means that for only 495€ they can participate in this unique program.

More information and registrations at Pi School website.


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Tre giovani soci ADCI all’ADCE Creative Express di Lisbona.


Nicola Nannavecchia, Raffaele Cortese e Anna Speranza Ambrosio: sono loro i tre creativi selezionati tra i soci ADCI per partecipare all’ADCE Creative Express di Lisbona.

Il Creative Express è una incredibile opportunità per i giovani del Club, perché permetterà loro di confrontarsi con una visione internazionale del nostro mestiere attraverso un programma formativo che coinvolge 30 creativi provenienti da 15 diversi Paesi. A guidarli in questa full immersion ci saranno dei Mentor d’eccezione: alcuni tra i più importanti Direttori Creativi in Europa.

Il meccanismo di scelta è stato meritocratico e volto a creare una squadra ben assortita: i tre soci selezionati si sono infatti distinti con un podio nell’ultima edizione dei Giovani Leoni.

Il treno di ADCE Express è partito e i nostri talenti sono già a bordo: buon viaggio!

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Teen Maternity Clothing campaign recognized with ADCE’s Creative Distinction Award

Every year seven million children under the age of 18 become mothers in developing countries. To raise awareness of the issue, child rights organisation Plan International Finland recently commissioned one of Finland’s most respected fashion designers, Paola Suhonen, to create a clothing collection that the world should not need - maternity wear for 12-year olds. Conceived by Finnish communications agency hasan & partners, the fashion-inspired campaign has received the ADCE Creative Distinction, a special honour that recognises the most inspirational creative ideas with an outstanding societal impact.

The fashion collection by Paola Suhonen was modelled by a Zambian girl called Fridah, who became pregnant at the age of 12. The campaign was shot by award-winning photographer Meeri Koutaniemi.

The fashion collection, which is entitled ‘Hamptons’, features a set of six maternity dresses with a childlike aesthetic: fringes, bright, bold colours and soft blues. The playful prints of kittens on light cotton are a stark contrast to the severity of the life child mothers live: “I designed a collection that I wish is not needed and that I don’t want to sell”, said Paola Suhonen.

For the launch of the campaign, the clothes were displayed on child mannequins in the windows of the most popular fashion street in Helsinki. Two online films (75 seconds and 45 seconds), billboards, international social media and PR programme supported the campaign. The campaign occupied the same media where consumers are used to seeing fashion brands, resulting in an outstanding growth of the number of donors and sponsors:

It’s total bullshit that charity advertising shouldn’t have sales objectives. Of course it has the same goals as other advertising”, said Anu Niemonen, senior creative at hasan & partners. “In this case our value in earned media was 56,6 million euros; we reached over 70 million people with our important message, increased the amount of monthly donors by 40 % and sponsors by 740 % compared with the previous campaign.

The ADCE Creative Distinction is an award for creativity with a profound social and cultural impact. Decided upon by the ADCE board, comprised of representatives from each of the 22 member clubs from across Europe, the award was presented this week to hasan & partners’ creative team. The awarded creatives are:

Anu Niemonen, senior creative
Joel Lindgren, creative
Tobias Wacker, creative director
Eka Ruola, executive creative director
Marc Stevenson, executive producer
Meeri Koutaniemi, photographer
Paola Suhonen, designer and director
Leandro Righini, DOP

hasan & partners’ creative team received ADCE Distinction Award in Helsinki last week. From left to right: Marc Stevenson, Eva Anttila (client), Anu Niemonen, Tobias Wacker.

The Creative Distinction exists outside of the traditional ADCE Awards programme. Previous winners include 4Creative’s “Meet the Superhumans” campaign and Jean Jullien’s “Peace for Paris” design.

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ADC*E Rising Stars 2018, con Hyper Island e D&AD

ADC*E, l’Art Directors Club Europeo, ha annunciato il Rising Stars educational program 2018, in collaborazione con la celebre scuola svedese Hyper Island e il creative club inglese D&AD.
Il programma offre sconti esclusivi per tutti i membri dei club locali associati, compreso ADCI.

L’obiettivo di Rising Stars è fornire ai creativi delle occasioni di apprendimento cross-culturale, oltre a formarli e supportarli in ogni fase della loro carriera.

Il programma di quest’anno prevede dei corsi intensivi presso diverse sedi di Hyper Island. I soci possono approfittare di uno sconto del 30% per i seguenti corsi:
- Creative Data Lab – Stoccolma, 18-20 Aprile 2018
- Digital Acceleration Master Class – Zurigo, 7-8 Giugno 2018
- User Experience Lab – Londra, 10-12 Ottobre 2018.

Per tutti i Creative Training Courses tenuti da D&AD a Londra, ai soci è riservato uno sconto del 15%.

Essendo ADCI un club associato ad ADC*E, tutti i membri ADCI sono automaticamente anche membri ADC*E, hanno la possibilità di partecipare a questi corsi e possono approfittare di questi sconti.

Se non lo avete ancora fatto, ricordatevi di registrarvi al link che vi è stato inviato via mail (members only).

I membri registrati inoltre possono ottenere degli sconti dedicati sui biglietti per il D&AD Festival (Londra, 24-26 Aprile 2018) e il Sónar+D (Barcellona, 13-16  Giugno 2018).
Per maggiori informazioni, scrivete a info@adceurope.org.

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“Prototype your Creative City App” – concorso ADOBE

ADCI è lieta di invitarti al concorso ADOBE!Non lasciati scappare questa opportunità! Puoi vincere un abbonamento annuale ad Adobe Creative Cloud, 100 immagini Adobe Stock e un viaggio per 2 persone per partecipare a “Adobe MAX 2018″ a Los Angeles! La scadenza per inviare il proprio progetto è il 15 marzo 2018. 

Non hai ancora i 3 kit di icone? Nessun problema. Creati dai designer leggendari Anton & Irene, Lance Wyman e Büro Destruct, questi kit esclusivi possono essere tuoi a titolo gratuito!
Basta scaricarli QUI

 Partecipa subito!

>> Regolamento (da consultare con grande attenzione)

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ADC*E – Creative Express Rome

Creative Express makes a pit stop in Rome

  • Italian creatives Giulia Mandalà and Eugenio De Riso selected to join European creative elite.
  • Young creatives asked to foster entrepreneurship among designers.
  • Emphasis on disruptive technology for ADCE’s next creative stars of Europe.

The Creative Express programme will this year be hosted at Pi Campus in Rome. The event, organised by the Art Directors Club for Europe (ADCE) in collaboration with Pi Campus, takes place May 18-19 2017.

A true tour of Europe, previous Creative Express stops have included Helsinki, Munich and Vienna. Every edition brings together the continent’s best young art directors, copywriters and designers to tackle a real-world business challenge in a classroom like no other. The Creative Express Rome will be the first to focus on startups: Pi Campus is a startup district and a venture fund that invests in global talent. The young creatives will be hosted at its HQ in Eur green area of Rome.

Describing the innovative location for the event, Pi Campus founder Marco Trombetti said, “We love state-of-the-art technology applied to disrupt big slow moving industries. Artificial Intelligence is in our DNA but we love founders that add design and art to bring emotions into technology products. We invest in startups designed to be global. Italy is where our heart is”.

Together with Creative Express director HP Albrecht, Trombetti will challenge 28 young creatives to develop a communication campaign aimed at inspiring designers around the world to found a startup over just two days. The final projects will be presented to a daunting audience of 100 people from the industry.

The group, split into five teams, will be mentored by an array of high profile Creative Directors. These include Ricardo Wolff, Creative Director at DDB Berlin (DE), Samuel López, Creative Director at Sr. y Sra. Wilson (ES) and Hannes Böker, Creative Director at Team Robert Rottensteiner (AT).

The up-and-coming stars have been selected from 14 European countries, nominated by their respective ADCE member clubs. To be included, they must be under 28 years of age, English speaking, and have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience. The 2017 cohort is:
Austria – Thomas Strobl
Austria – Manuel Haring
Czech Republic – Ivan Nevrela
Czech Republic – Adam Trojak
Germany – Karin Reineke
Germany – Jan Bröker
Finland – Marina Veziko
Finland – Matti Vesanen
Iceland – Rakel Tomasdottir
Iceland - Viktor Weisshappel
Italy – Giulia Mandalà
Italy – Eugenio De Riso
Portugal – Sebastião de la Guardia Ribeiro Ferreira
Portugal – Maria Sá Carvalho
Romania – Raul Gheba
Romania – Karla Georgescu
Slovakia – Maroš Hamorský
Slovenia – Gregor Vuk
Spain – Ángela Serna
Spain – Guillermo Blanco
Spain – Natalia Gruñeiro
Spain – Oriol Castellar
Switzerland – Anne Langer
Switzerland – Diego Martínez
Ukraine – Illia Anufriienko
Ukraine – Kateryna Melnyk
United Kingdom – Polina Hohonova
United Kingdom – Tom Manning

The diverse and international group will take their learnings back to agencies in their respective countries. Co-funded by Creative Europe Programme – created by the European Commission to fund development of the creative and cultural sectors – the event forms a key milestone in the ADCE’s remit to provide professional training and to promote young European creatives.

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ADC*E: grande successo per l’Italia

L’Italia vince un oro e due argenti agli ADCE Awards.

La campagna Papà realizzata da Ogilvy per Wind ha meritato due riconoscimenti nella categoria Film e Radio: l’oro per Cinema Commercial e l’argento nella categoria Corporate Video/Tv. Anche Heineken con la campagna The Hero realizzata da Publicis Italy vince il premio silver nella categoria Film&Radio sezione TV Commercials.

Tre le nomination:  la campagna Lettere dal Fronte di Mccann Worldgroup Milan per Poste Italiane guadagna una nomination nella categoria Print & Outdoor, sezione Newspaper Advertising e una nomination nella categoria Design & Craft, sezione llustration and Photography. Infine nomination nella categoria Integration & Innovation, sezione Content Ideas per la campagna Rocco Siffredi’s Vow of Chastity di Havas Milan per Reckitt Benckiser Italia.

L’Italia, a fronte di 6 candidature totali, ha riscosso quindi ben 3 premi.

Questo riconoscimento è un segnale importante che dimostra come la creatività italiana sia sempre più importante e valorizzata anche all’estero.

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ADC*E Awards 2016 – estensione fino al 23 settembre

“The Champions League of creativity”

Prorogata al 23 settembre la chiusura delle iscrizioni. Dettagli qui

L’iscrizione deve essere effettuata on-line su http://adce.submit.to entro venerdì 16 settembre 2016.
Maggiori informazioni su regolamento e ammissibilità ai 25° ADC*E Awards si trovano su http://www.adceurope.org/awards/rules

Per ulteriori informazioni, contattare:
Dan Bryant
Art Directors Club of Europe
Tel. +34 93 256 67 65
Tel. +34 629836939



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“It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy.” Steve Jobs

Aziende come Instagram, Airbnb, Guthub, Youtube e Android sono co-fondate da designer. Il nuovo sistema di pensiero delle tech companies è “design driven” e i designer sono i nuovi “pirati” del panorama delle start up.

  • Un pirata riesce ad essere creativo e focalizzato in un ambiente ostile.
  • Un pirata agisce in modo indipendente e si assume rischi intelligenti tenendo sempre a mente la sua visione.
  • La mente del pirata pensa sempre e solo ad una cosa: al tesoro.

Perché stiamo organizzando un design hackathon a Barcellona?

Stiamo riflettendo sul futuro della nostra professione, che in pochi anni cambierà del tutto.
Avremo più Human Organ Designer che art director. (fastfuture.com)

Noi, come ADCE, vogliamo connettere il mondo delle startup tecnologiche con il design con un progetto che risponda a due obiettivi:

1. Supportare idee di design (experience design, app design, industrial design, product design, service design, social design) che non possono essere messe sul mercato per mancanza di soldi o competenze tecnologiche, che i designer normalmente non hanno. Portiamo investitori e ingegneri a Barcellona per dare un futuro a queste idee.

2. Aiutare direttori creativi, agenzie, designer, che prima o poi si troveranno a lavorare con le start up, a capire come funziona questo mondo dal di dentro. Comunicazione tradizionale e branding non sono prioritarie per loro, lo diventano solo alla fine del processo.

Avremo sicuramente giovani designer di Barcellona, ma ci piacerebbe avere creativi da tutti i paesi. Può essere che ognuno di noi abbia un’idea nel cassetto e non sappia da che parte cominciare, può darsi che alcuni di quelli che fanno parte delle giurie vogliano provare a vedere come funziona là fuori, può darsi che ci siano direttori creativi che vogliano cimentarsi a fare gli imprenditori.

Il team vincente sarà ospitato una settimana a Roma a PiCampus -www.picampus.it - acceleratore di start up con grande esperienza sulla tecnologia che sta aprendo al mondo del design, per poter sviluppare l’idea potenzialmente più fertile.

Sei un pirata?

Partecipa il 14 e 15 ottobre a Barcellona al Pirates Hackathon (Turn design ideas into ventures).

Scarica qui la call e il modulo di iscrizione qui e inviala il modulo entro il 14 settembre all’assistente ADC*E, Aline Charransol, aline@adceurope.org tenendo in copia info@adci.it (oggetto: Pirates Hackathon Submission – Italy).

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ADC*E AWARDS – Jury Presidents Announcement

Johannes Newrkla to headline Jury Presidents for the 25th anniversary ADCE Awards 

  • Chaka Sobhani, Britta Pötzsch and Alexander Kalchev among names selected to judge the Champions League of Creativity.
  • 2016 Awards returns to the Disseny Hub Barcelona from 13-15 October as part of the 3rd European Creativity Festival.
  • Deadline set for 16 September.

The Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) has revealed the juries for the 25th ADCE Awards, the Champions League of Creativity.

This year, as the ADCE Awards celebrates a quarter-century, its longest-tenured Austrian Board Member and Merlicek & Grossebner CEO Johannes Newrkla will preside over the six juries.

As a true European border-crosser and frequent award-winner, Johannes embodies the ADCE values of multi-cultural learning and excellence in European advertising and design. He was a founder member of the ADCE in 1990 and led the organization as President for eight years, making him the perfect candidate to lead the anniversary Awards.

In October, Johannes will be joined by the following Jury Presidents:

  • Film & Radio: Britta Pötzsch, Global Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Dusseldorf (Germany)
  • Advertising Print & Outdoor: Chaka Sobhani, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett London (UK)
  • Interactive & Mobile: Valentina Culatti, Managing Director at Unit9 (Italy)
  • Design: Mario Eskenazi, Founder at Mario Eskenazi Studio (Spain)
  • Promotions & New Media: Alexander Kalchev, Executive Creative Director at DDB Paris (France)
  • Integration & Innovation: Adrian Botan, Global Executive Creative Director at McCann Bucharest (Romania)

 In total, 52 leading creatives and designers have been selected from the 18 ADCE member countries to judge the 25th ADCE Awards. The full list can be found at the ADCE website.

The Champions League of Creativity
The ADCE Awards are unique in that only creative work that has been awarded at a local European show can qualify, ensuring an elite selection in which every single entry that a judge sees has already been nominated as a standout piece of creative.

In addition to the categories listed, the awards also have space to promote young talent and students with the European Student of the Year and European Young Creative of the Year competitions.

In October, the juries will meet to debate and discuss the best creative work from across Europe, before awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze across each category, as well as the overall Grand Prix, to be revealed at the ADCE Awards Gala on October 15.

Following the awards, all the winning work will feature in the 2016 ADCE Annual, which showcases the year’s best in graphic design and advertising, and also toured throughout Europe at local exhibitions. 

The 3rd European Creativity Festival
The ADCE Awards return as part of the European Creativity Festival at the Disseny Hub Barcelona. Created to celebrate and recognize the art of creativity, graphic design and new creative solutions, the Festival features a packed programme of conferences, workshops, networking opportunities and other activities, delivered by some of the most innovative and inspiring people in Europe.

This year’s theme will be the “The Hybridscape: Where unexpected connections are made”, with the full line-up of speakers and ticket information to be announced very soon.

Entry Fees and Information
As a non-profit organization, the ADCE Awards offers significantly reduced entry fees to ensure agencies of all sizes from across Europe have the opportunity to participate. Entry is free to all Gold winners from eligible national shows, 100€ for Silver winners, and 170€ for all other awarded work (Bronze, Shortlisted etc). Registration is also open to winners from ADCE non-member European nations for a general fee of 270€.

Submissions should be made online at http://adce.submit.to before Friday 16 September 2016. More information on rules and eligibility for the 25th ADCE Awards can be found at http://www.adceurope.org/awards/rules

For more information, contact:
Dan Bryant
Art Directors Club of Europe
Tel. +34 93 256 67 65
Tel. +34 629836939
Follow us: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube

About the Art Directors Club of Europe

The Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) is a not-for-profit association headquartered in Barcelona comprised of professional clubs and associations of graphic design and advertising from 18 European countries: Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Founded in 1990, the ADCE strives to foster excellence in graphic design and advertising creativity at a European scale. The association represents more than 4,500 professionals from the field and internationally spotlights the best works accomplished at a local scale through its annual European awards. The association’s current president is Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer at DDB Worldwide, and one of the most recognised advertising creatives in the world.


Jury President
Johannes Newrkla, CEO, Merlicek & Grossebner (Austria)

Jury President: Britta Pötzsch, Global Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, Germany

  • Austria: Helena Luczynski, Copywriter, Freelance
  • Czech Republic: Radouane Hadj Moussa, Creative Director, DDB Prague
  • Italy: Federico Pepe, Executive Creative Director, DLV BBDO
  • Portugal: Marco Pacheco, Creative Director, BBDO Portugal
  • Romania: Valentin Suciu, Creative Partner, Jazz
  • Slovakia: Peter Ižo, Creative Director, Made by Vaculik
  • Spain: Jesús Lada, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett


Jury President: Chaka Sobhani, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, UK

  • Austria: Katja Claus, Art Director, WIEN NORD
  • Cyprus: Artemis Psathas, Art Director, Freelance
  • Estonia : Kerstin Raidma, Creative & Art Director, Tabasco OÜ
  • Finland: Jannis Mavrostomos, Creative Director, Bob the Robot
  • Portugal: Pedro Ferreira, Creative Director, Y&R Group
  • Romania: Catalin Rusu, Chief Creative Partner & CEO, Rusu+Bortun Brand
  • Slovakia: Andrej Csino, Creative Director, Core 4 / tell it online
  • Spain: Eva Conesa, Executive Creative Director, Twoelf
  • UK: Lawrence Zeegen, Dean, School of Design
  • Iceland: Jon Ari Helgason, Creative Director, Brandenburg


Jury President: Valentina Culatti, Managing Director, Unit9, Italy

  • Finland: Anu Lehto, Art Director, Freelance
  • Germany: Marc Wirbeleit, Creative Strategist, Facebook
  • Italy: Rafaella Bertini, Creative Director, Freelance
  • Russia: Kolya Fabrika, Creative Director, Instinct
  • Spain: Rafa Soto, Founder & Creative Director, HerraizSoto&Co
  • Switzerland: Livio Dainese, Chief Creative Officer, Wirz BBDO


Jury President: Mario Eskenazi, Founder at Mario Eskenazi Studio, Spain

  • Cyprus: Omiros Panayides, Art Director, OMPA Design Studio
  • Czech Republic: Zuzana Kubisova, Senior Art Director, JWT Prague
  • Estonia: Joosep Volk, Creative & Art Director/Partner, Tolm
  • Finland: Piëtke Visser, Creative Director, Kuudes Kerros
  • Germany: Anja Steinig, Designer & Manager Director, Studio F
  • Spain: Martí Ferrer, Designer & Founder, Bildi Grafiks
  • Switzerland: Inken Rohweder, Art & Creative Director, Inken Rohweder
  • Iceland: Olof Birna Gardarsdottir, Graphic Designer & Owner, Reykavik                   Letterpress


Jury President: Alexander Kalchev, Executive Creative Director, DDB, France

  • Germany: Claus Fischer, Founder and General Manager / Head of Creation, VOSS+FISCHER
  • Italy: Ottavio Nava, Managing Director, We Are Social
  • Portugal: Pedro Pinho, Copywriter, O escritório
  • Russia: Vlad Sitnikov, CEO & Creative Director, Hungry Boys
  • Spain: Maria Borrás, CEO, Cómodo Screen
  • Switzerland: Bruno Manser, Digital Creative Director, Havas Worldwide Zürich
  • Iceland: Kristin Eva Olafsdotttir, Art Director & Partner, Gagarín


Jury President: Adrian Botan, Global Executive Creative Director, McCann Bucharest, Romania

  • Austria: Michael Nagy, Creative Director, Jung von Matt/Donau
  • Cyprus: Myria Konnari, Art Director, Freelance
  • Czech Republic: Matija Vujovic, Creative Director, Kitchen Prague
  • Estonia: Karl Saluveer, Creative Partner, Hmmm Creative Studio
  • Romania: Dan Frinculescu, Group Creative Director, Publicis Romania
  • Slovenia: Janez Rakušček, Executive Creative Director, Luna/TBWA Ljubljana
  • UK: Rosie Bardales, Executive Creative Director, BETC London