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Buon lunedì, le segnalazioni di Claudia Neri

Dall’Olanda il Graphic design di Lust

Tra typography e calligraphy il lavoro di Erik Marinovic, recentemente premiato anche da Communication Arts.

Lo stile iconoclasta di Erik Klein Wolterink. fotografo olandese.

Vincitore del premio Terna 2013 l’artista italiano David Reimondo

Twitter: @claudianeri

  • Erik Klein Wolterink

    Hi my Italian friends :-)
    Thanks for mentioning my work.
    Detail: my name was spelled wrong, it should be: Erik Klein Wolterink.
    If you have any questions please let me know…
    I’m happy to help you,

    • Claudia Neri

      sorry about that, I’m the person responsible for the typo. And for mentioning your work ;-)

    • Claudia Neri

      I have fixed it. Sorry again

  • Erik Klein Wolterink