ADCE & Pi School are launching a Creative Incubator: designing new agency models.

Pi School and the Art Directors Club of Europe are launching a unique learning program dedicated to the top creative minds of the industry, with the goal of shaping the future models of advertising agencies. The programme is divided into three modules, that will take place in Rome, Barcelona, and Berlin. The results will be presented at the 5th ADCE Festival in November.

The first module is starting on the 1st of March in Rome, at the Pi School villa. Located in the start-up district of Pi Campus, the School will be the meeting point for all the best professionals of the creative industry, who will debate the future models of work and come up with innovative ways to get future-ready, attracting and managing talent.

Jamshid Alamuti, CEO and Co-Founder of Pi School, designed the project as an innovative approach to the debate of the future of the industry, each module taking place in a different vibrant European city, during 3 intensive days. “We are solving tomorrow’s problems, mixing technology, entrepreneurship and creativity”, said Alamuti at the presentation of the program during the last Edition of the ADCE Festival.

Participants will have the opportunity to further reflect and work on the challenges of the industry, sharing experiences and connecting with other professionals. At the same time, participants will produce organization design models and come up with results to be implemented in their working places.

The workshops will be conducted by well-known names in the field such as Fernanda Romano – Founder and Strategy and Creative partner at Malagueta Group, Axel Quack – Strategy Director at Frog Design, Julio Obelleiro – Co-Founder and CEO at Wildbytes, Kris Hoet – Global Head of Innovation at FCB Global, Patrizia Boglione – Strategic and Creative Director at Angelini Design and Jamshid Alamuti, CEO and Co-Founder of Pi School, who is the Program Designer and main instructor of the workshops.

The advisory board will be led by some amazing creatives such as Ami Hassan – President of ADCE and Chairman of Hasan & Partners, Johannes Newrkla – CEO at Melicek & Grossebner, Till Diestel – Managing Creative Director at BBDO Berlin, and Zélia Sakhi – Head of Design and Creative Director at Mobiento/Deloitte Digital.

Pi School, together with ADCE will be offering 30 grants per module, covering more than 80% of the total program fees. There are still some grants available and applications are open.

In the year in which artificial intelligence, consulting and product and service design are some of the biggest trends in the creative industry, it becomes even more relevant to be prepared and integrate change and innovation, as a way to thrive and succeed in the advertising and design industries.

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  • Disruption of the current models and challenge the ideas of the companies of the future: No CEO, no boss, managed by blockchain
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization
  • Contracts and Value Vs People and Roles
  • Flexibility and Agility to innovate
  • Case Study (four different Agency models and their approach to Product and Service Design) observation and analysis of their Org. Structure
  • Fundamentals of Innovation
  • Innovation Process: from Ideation to Execution
  • Preto-Typing
  • Creative Consulting – Consulting through Design
  • Organizational Design


  • Axel Quack (Strategy Director, Frog Design)
  • Kris Hoet (Global Head of Innovation, FCB Global)
  • Luis Villa (Strategy Director, Fjord / Accenture Spain)
  • Patrizia Boglione (Strategy and Creative Director, Angelini Design)
  • Jamshid Alamuti (CEO and Co-Founder of Pi School)

Following modules:
10-12 May, Barcelona
6-8 September, Berlin