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White Square – one of the largest festivals of creativity in Central and Eastern Europe – closes the call for entries in two weeks and already on April 19 the first winning agencies of creative season 2019 will be known.

White Square grows every year maintaining the best festival traditions. Representatives of The Gunn Report, who attended White Square, noted high level of entries, jury and general organization of the festival. White Square is included into global creativity ranking AdForum Business Creative Report.

Only realized projects are eligible to participate. The entries will be judged offline by 6 specialized jury categories – recognized experts from 25 countries, many of which hold over two hundred awards of Cannes Lions, D&AD, Effie and other prestigious festivals for creativeness of communications and effectiveness of their projects.

The entries that already went through moderation procedure can be already viewed on official website For 14 more days, till April 7 inclusive, the call for entries will be open online on Communication, marketing, media agencies, digital and design studios and other companies operating in the sphere of communications are invited to participation. The mechanics of submission is simple and does not require much time: step 1 – register on; step 2 – select suitable contests and nominations; step 3 – download case studies in personal account.

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Buon lunedì, le segnalazioni di Claudia Neri, 25_03_019

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Recentemente anche al MIA photo fair a Milano, l’adolescenza e le sue inquiteudini nelle foto di Gabriele Corni.

Cristina Ferraiuolo, giovane talento della fotografia.

Le foto di Guido Guidi che non hanno bisogno di presentazioni

Olandese ma di base a  New York, Julia Hetta



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Buon lunedì, le segnalazioni di Claudia Neri 18_03_019

twitter: @claudianeri









In occasione della giornata “There’s no plan(et) B”, le immagini e i progetti legati al pianeta firmati Jimmy Nelson

Da Los Angeles il talento di Jonas Wood, artista

La qualità e lo stile di Paola Pansini, talento italiano della fotografia

Dalla Russia alla California, la pittura figurativa di Elena Katsyura

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2019 Dubai Lynx Award Winners Revealed


13 March 2019 – The Dubai Lynx Awards Ceremony, held this evening, brought the 2019 Festival to a close with the winners of the 18 Lynx Awards categories being announced. The creative community gathered at the Madinat Jumeirah to honour the very best creativity from the MENA region this year.

In addition to the winners across all marketing communications categories, Special Awards were also presented for the Network of the Year, Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year, Media Network of the Year, Golden Palm Award, Advertising Person of the Year and Advertiser of the Year.

Philip Thomas, Chairman Cannes Lions and Dubai Lynx said, “The winning work at Dubai Lynx demonstrates creative excellence with a distinct regional tone. From the 2,406 entries received this year, the winners, as well as setting the creative bar for MENA, also achieved some important milestones, including a record year for winning work from Saudi Arabia and a first-ever shortlisted entry from Iraq.”

Themes emerging from this year’s winners included; using cultural artistic traditions and local artists to bridge content and context; harnessing the power of culture to amplify the impact of the campaign and an increase in brands attempting to become more meaningful for people and demonstrate that they care about their customer’s lives, global injustices and the future of the planet.

The Young Lynx and Student competition winners were also honoured on stage, while MBC Group presented a special award to Global TV personality Steve Harvey in recognition of his achievements and services to broadcasting.

The 2019 Dubai Lynx Grand Prix winners are:

Brand Experience & Activation Grand Prix

TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, UAE, ‘OMO Tag’, Unilever Lebanon

Brand Experience & Activation Jury President, Alan Kelly, Executive Creative Director, Rothco Accenture Interactive commented that his Jury loved this work from the start. “It is so simple and so different. It’s a great activation from the ‘Dirt is good’ stable and goes to show that size doesn’t matter when it comes to great ideas”

Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix 

TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, UAE, ‘Slow Trends’, Connect

Creative Effectiveness Jury President, Amanda Fève, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Anomaly Amsterdam, The Netherlands said, “This classic David and Goliath story reminds us that it’s not the size of the budget, but the quality of thinking and craft that goes into it, that determines a campaign’s impact. Sharp use of data and social listening helped uncover a genuine cultural insight, which not only created entertaining content, but drove tangible commercial results. Truly effective campaigns must do more than earn attention and engagement, they must change attitudes and behaviours. ‘Slow Trends’ did both, putting smiles on our faces and bringing in new subscribers for ‘Connect.”

Design Grand Prix 

BBDO Pakistan / Impact BBDO, Dubai, ‘Truck Art Childfinder’, Berger Paints

Digital Grand Prix 

TBWA\Istanbul, Turkey, ‘Hailstorm in Istanbul’, IKEA

Digital Jury President, Alan Kelly, Executive Creative Director, Rothco Accenture Interactive, commented, “This campaign for IKEA is possibly the best ‘real-time response’ idea any of us on the Jury had ever seen.”

Direct Grand Prix 

BBDO Pakistan / Impact BBDO, Dubai, ‘Truck Art Childfinder’, Berger Paints

Entertainment Grand Prix 

Kijamii, Cairo, Egypt, ‘The Sweet Revenge’, Président Cheese Egypt

Entertainment Jury President, Alexandra Ouzilleau, Global Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Havas Group, Global commenting on this Grand Prix winner said, “What we found really interesting with the Grand Prix is that it tapped into the cultural context at the perfect moment in a very smart and fun way which makes the brand’s intersection with Entertainment look very authentic.”

Film Grand Prix 

Leo Burnett Dubai, UAE for campaign ‘Fire’, ‘Fall’ and ‘Crash’, du Telco

Film Craft Grand Prix 

J. Walter Thompson, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ‘What are we allowing?’, Saudi Telecom Company

Glass Grand Prix 

J. Walter Thompson, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ‘Akhou Nora’, Saudi Telecom Company

Glass Jury President, Candace Kuss, Director of Social Media, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, UK, commented, “’Akhou Nora’ celebrated a woman as the hero, rather than defending women as victims. The work also integrated men into the cause, based on an historical fact. STC didn’t just create a TV ad, they integrated internal comms, social and even physical signage. Most of the Glass entries address much needed change. So they are by nature addressing issues that show women and girls as victims. ‘Akhou Nora’ looked into the history of the country to show us a proud and courageous role model.

Grand Prix for Good Grand Prix 

Impact BBDO, Dubai, UAE, ‘Zero Tolerance Ribbon’, 28 Too Many

Healthcare Grand Prix 

The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, UAE, ‘Rx Prescription Stickers’, Dubai Health Authority

Integrated Grand Prix 

Impact BBDO, Dubai, UAE, ‘The Blank Edition’, An-Nahar

Media Grand Prix 

FP7/DXB, Dubai,UAE, ‘Al Umobuwah: Putting “Mum” into “Parenthood”’, Babyshop

Media Jury President Veriça Djurdjevic, Chief Executive Officer, PHD, UK commented, “This campaign went beyond paid media; they created new owned channels, and harnessed the power of earned media, as well as using each of the paid channels creatively. It was a brave strategy for a retailer, but we felt it was a really important campaign: it shows that harnessing a cultural insight and executing it in a truly integrated way can deliver a strong commercial impact in terms of sales results, not just brand warmth uplift.”

Mobile Grand Prix 

Google Dubai, UAE, ‘Qibla Finder’, Google

“The sheer usefulness of this idea made us love this work. We all have apps that end up on page 5 of the home screen of our mobile but this Grand Prix will stay on page 1 ,” said Mobile Jury President Alan Kelly, Executive Creative Director, Rothco Accenture Interactive.

Outdoor Grand Prix 

BBDO Pakistan / Impact BBDO, Dubai,  ‘Truck Art Childfinder’, Berger Paints

Outdoor Jury President, Alan Kelly, Executive Creative Director, Rothco Accenture Interactive, commented, “When you sit in a jury room looking at hundreds of case studies, you can become desensitised to the results sections. But you can’t argue with the result of reuniting three children with their parents. We will be talking about the beautiful ‘Truck Art Childfinder’ idea for many years to come.”

PR Grand Prix 

Impact BBDO, Dubai, UAE, ‘The Blank Edition’, An-Nahar

Commenting on why this piece of work was awarded the Grand Prix, PR Jury President, Candace Kuss, Director of Social Media, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, UK, said, “The jury room immediately responded to this entry. We understand the power of the press to hold politicians to account and to rally citizens to share their voice. A simple execution for a powerful idea and very relevant for the times we live in. This work was very specific to Lebanon, but also addressed a universal issue. Journalism has ever been more important. We need bravery from our news reporters all over the world to uncover the truth.”

Print & Outdoor Craft Grand Prix 

BBDO Pakistan / Impact BBDO, Dubai,, ‘Truck Art Childfinder’, Berger Paints

Speaking on why the Grand Prix was awarded in both Design and Print & Outdoor Craft, Jury President, Guillermo Tragant, Chief Creative Officer, Furia, said, “The ‘Truck Art Child Finder’ was chosen because it was a brilliant, simple, strong idea. It was executed with excellent craft in a manner that respected the local folklore art. But the campaign also elevated the art-form, integrating the product in the most natural way, with purpose and real life changing results for the children and their families.”

Print & Publishing Grand Prix 

Impact BBDO, Dubai, UAE, ‘The Blank Edition’, An-Nahar

Radio & Audio Grand Prix 

TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, UAE, ‘Predictive Radio Spots’, AWR Arabian Automobile

Network of the Year

1st place: BBDO Worldwide

2nd place: TBWA Worldwide

3rd place: J. Walter Thompson

Agency of the Year 

1st place: Impact BBDO, Dubai

2nd place: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai

3rd place: BBDO Pakistan, Lahore

Independent Agency of the Year

1st place: Kijamii, Cairo

2nd place: Good People, Cairo

3rd place: Beattie + Dane, Kuwait City

Media Network of the Year

1st place: OMD Worldwide

2nd place: UM

3rd place: PHD Worldwide

Golden Palm Award 

1st place: Big Kahuna Films, UAE

2nd place: bigfoot Films, UAE

3rd place: Good People, Egypt

Dubai Lynx Advertising Person of the Year 

Ian Fairservice, Founder, Managing Partner and Group Editor, Motivate Media Group

Advertiser of the Year



Young Lynx Integrated Competition Winners 

Kadir Ali, Senior Art Director, Impact BBDO

Priyaa Naidoo, Senior Copywriter, Impact BBDO

Kusal Udhara, Senior Art Director, Impact BBDO

Young Lynx Print Competition Winners 

Mohamed Kotait, Art Director, TBWA\RAAD, Dubai

Osama Siddiq, Art Director, TBWA\RAAD, Dubai

Young Lynx Media Competition Winners

Roxanne Gahol, Manager – Strategic Marketing Investments, OMD, Dubai

Omar Anwar, Senior Executive – Planning, OMD, Dubai

Young Lynx PR Competition Winners

Tala Arakji, Strategy Planning Manager, FP7, Dubai

Moushami Dighe, Strategic Planning Manager, FP7, Dubai


Masar Student Creative Award for Print Winner

Rym Farran, Middlesex University Dubai

Student Integrated Award Winner

Divya Ariga, Middlesex University in Dubai

University of the Year Winner

The Middlesex University in Dubai


Please find images of the 2019 Dubai Lynx Winners here

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Il nuovo Direttivo ADCI – Art Directors Club Italiano 2019/2021

Nella giornata di sabato 9 marzo, sono stati eletti da parte dei Soci ADCI i componenti del nuovo Direttivo in carica per i prossimi tre anni.

Mai nella nostra storia ci fu un’Assemblea con così tanti soci presenti (141) e votanti (346): Vicky Gitto è stato riconfermato Presidente con 214 voti contro i 132 di Paolo Iabichino.

Ecco il Direttivo al completo:

Presidente: Vicky Gitto, GB 22
Vicepresidente: Stefania Siani, DLVBBDO
Segretario Generale: 
Caroline Yvonne Schaper, ADCI Servizi srl

Jack Blanga, EY Yello
Karim Bartoletti, Indiana Production
Nicola Rovetta, Mullenlowe
Luca Cinquepalmi, Publicis
Samanta Giuliani, The Big Now
Francesco Bozza, FCB
Il collegio dei Probiviri:
Gianguido Saveri, BEWE – Enable Digital Marketing
Massimiliano Maria Longo, yourDIGITAL; Fondazione Homo ex Machina
Lorella Montanaro, Hasta MANANA
Supplente: Maurilio Brini, Lorenzo Marini Group
Un po’ di numeri:
Pubblicato in ADCI

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Buon lunedì, le segnalazioni di Claudia Neri 11_03_019

twitter: @claudianeri









Australiana ma di base a Bristol, Anna Higgie, illustratrice di talento

Da parigi gli still life irresistibili firmati Ines Dieleman

Tra arte e fotografia, Maria Sturm artista rumena di base a Berlino

La multisensorialità dei webvideo per clienti come Chanel di Lucy Hardcastle.

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La crescita dell’uso e dell’importanza delle Stories a livello italiano e internazionale ha fatto aumentare enormemente l’interesse verso questo nuovo tipo di narrazione. Numeri, trends, cases, tips/tricks per capire e ispirare nuova creatività. Con Marco Diotallevi e Patricia Consonni. 

L’incontro si terrà il 15 marzo a Roma, alle ore 10.00 presso Binario F, a stazione Termini (Via Marsala 29H c/o Hub di LVenture Group e LUISS Enlabs 00185 Roma)

L’evento è a posti limitati e su prenotazione, basta iscriversi qui. I soci ADCI avranno la priorità.

Ecco di seguito il programma:

  • ore 10:00 Welcome e Apertura ADCI
  • ore 10:30 Rise of the stories
  • ore 11:30 Stories School
  • ore 12:30 Q&A
  • ore 13:00 Chiusura 
Pubblicato in ADCI

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SABATO 9 MARZO ADCI – Art Directors Club Italiano vota il nuovo Consiglio Direttivo

Il 09 marzo, alle 09.30, si terrà l’Assemblea dei Soci ADCI – Art Directors Club Italiano presso la sede di Google, in via Confalonieri 4, Milano.

Ordine del giorno:
Elezione del 17° Presidente, Vice Presidente, Segretario, 6 Consiglieri, 3 Probiviri e un Proboviro supplente.


  • 9:30 – Arrivo e Registrazione e Colazione in Trattoria Google
  • 10:00 – 11:00 Resoconto Attività 2018 (Vicky Gitto) e Intervento dei Local Ambassador
  • 11:00 – 11:30 Presentazione e Votazione Bilancio (Ottavio Nava)
  • 11:30 – 12:00 Presentazione Programma 2019/2021 (Paolo Iabichino)
  • 12:00 – 12:30 Presentazione Programma 2019/2021 (Vicky Gitto)
  • 12:30 – 13:00 Votazione
  • Entro le 13:30 Termine della consegna delle schede elettorali e a seguire Scrutinio
  • 14:00 Proclamazione nuovo Direttivo e saluti

SOLO CHI HA GIÀ VERSATO LA QUOTA ASSOCIATIVA ed è quindi, a tutti gli effetti, socio regolarmente iscritto per l’anno 2019, avrà diritto di voto. 


  • Chi, per particolari ragioni personali, non avesse avuto modo di pagare, potrà farlo in contanti prima di accedere all’Assemblea;
  • Chi ha pagato per raccomandata o bonifico bancario dopo il 5 marzo dovrà presentare, prima di accedere all’Assemblea, la ricevuta della stessa, comprovante l’avvenuto pagamento – o inviarla entro venerdì 8 marzo ore 18:00 a;
  • Chi delega dovrà fornire al delegato la suddetta ricevuta, o eventuale contante per consentirgli di pagare sul posto.


  • Tutti i soci, partecipanti e assenti, dovranno in primis compilare QUESTO FORM (CLICCA QUI)
  • Chi non potrà partecipare potrà delegare un socio regolarmente iscritto tramite la delega (SCARICABILE QUI), che dovrà essere compilata e firmata, e infine inviata via mail insieme alla scansione del proprio documento di identità al seguente indirizzo email: 


Appena arrivati in Google, sarà necessario registrarsi all’ingresso esibendo un documento di identità. Ogni socio riceverà:

  • il badge per accedere a Google;
  • la propria scheda per votare;
  • in caso di deleghe risultanti al legale e al segretario, riceverà anche la/e scheda/e di votazione del/i socio/i rappresentato/i (fino a un massimo di 3);

La scheda di votazione presenterà i seguenti elementi:

  • un elenco riporterà le cariche elettive (Presidente, Vice-Presidente, Segretario, Consigliere 1, Consigliere 2 … via dicendo fino al Consigliere 6, Proboviro 1, Proboviro 2, Proboviro 3 e Proboviro supplente);
  • a ogni voce delle cariche elencate corrisponderanno degli spazi vuoti, che il socio dovrà compilare indicandovi i nominativi dei candidati/soci che desidera votare.


1- chiunque iscritto e in regola con la quota può candidarsi a qualsiasi carica elettiva (anche durante l’assemblea) e essere votato/eletto;
2 – vale la scheda bianca. O anche non riempire per forza tutte le caselle delle cariche.
3 – potete anche votare come presidente uno che si presenta come consigliere, ecc. ma solo se volete rompere le palle;
4 – non esistono ufficialmente “LISTE” ma solo un’indicazione che i candidati alla presidenza danno per la squadra che vorrebbero avere in consiglio;
5 – l’assemblea dei Soci è il “Parlamento”, Il Consiglio Direttivo è il “Governo” col suo presidente e i “ministri”.

Pubblicato in ADCI

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ADCE – The Creative Incubator

After the success of last year, the ADCE in partnership with Pi School is organising a new round of the innovative program:

The Creative Incubator

This year, the program and workshops will be focused on:

How to use creativity and design to apply solutions to real-world problems, and transforming ideas into high impact and purposeful actions. 

The program will have the same format of last year, consisting in 3 workshops / seminars, led by Jamshid Alamuti and recognised mentors with a final conclusion / white paper to be presented in Barcelona, at the ADCE Festival 2019.

The 1st module will take place at Pi School (Rome) on 28-30th March.

Please find attached the pdf with detailed information together with a general image you can use to promote the program among your members and contacts.

Confirmed trainers & mentors for this 1st module of the Creative Incubator are:

  • Jamshid Alamuti / CEO & Co-founder, Pi School
  • Conn Bertish / Founder, Cancer Dojo
  • Rey Andrade / Creative Director, 72andSunny
  • Axel Quack / Strategy Director, Frog Design

Special price for ADCE members:

– We are offering 30 individual grants that cover a 80% of the registration fee. And an additional 10% discount if they are ADCE members. That means that for only 495€ they can participate in this unique program.

More information and registrations at Pi School website.